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Back On My Ass

Tomorrow I get off my ass and meet with other local writers.  Kim found a group of DeKalb writers who meet every other week at the Junction and other such places.  I need to learn how to talk about what I do, what I’ve done, verb conjugation…

The world may want me back on my ass after tomorrow.

The Novel

The novel is a dying art form, which is of course why I try to write them

Don’t Just Corner the Market on Darkness

The one thing that bothers me regarding the time period covered by the book, or the way I sketched it out is some of the fun and mild to moderate cleverness of what was happening in DeKalb from people who had their shit together earlier than me is absent.  What do I mean?

The book would’ve greatly benefited if I included more stuff from the Dan J’s and Ray R’s and some of Devin and Bill’s more clever not to say creatively cunning friends.  And the rock…there is good rock that I missed out on due to being so damned out of it or wrapped up in my head.  I may be able to correct some of this with the blog.

This week or next I am going to send out a call to DK friends via social networks and however else one does such things these days for pictures and scans of cool DK things from back in the day.  We’ll see what materializes.  Better than me just constantly schlepping around a sack of woe.



My Dog Makes a Pitch

Reboot Continued

Beloved sister-in-law who has been all over the damned world (and yes, parts of the world away from me are damned…just not as much) gave me a published author/contact.  Sent the first e-mail to this person today and look forward to sending her a copy of the novel for her thoughts.  We’ll see where this all leads.  No matter what, trying to network (if that is what I am doing) is better than writing, editing and finishing tons of shit and then doing nothing by way of promotion after the initial release.

The initial release of things is always such great fun for me.  Not a time to brag, because I pretty much become subhuman in the process of making the thing..and in the case of Kish the character that is me borders on subhuman at times, or exhibits behavior that, at best can be called “somewhat human” – but releasing new material, records, books whatever brings out friends and well-wishers and not that I need anyone’s moral fucking support…it’s just great to see the gang come out of the woodwork or whatever work that has ensnared them.

Now we wait.  Uh, and by “we” I mean me.

Thoughts on Kish Reboot

….or My Wife Gave Me a Boot in the Ass to use this thing to put the book in the hands of more readers.

…or, Is it Too Soon to Have a Reboot?

The show in August was the best way to get the novel to its first, not to say primary audience. Maybe I shouldn’t say the CornFest crowd was its primary audience. I don’t think I know that yet. Not exactly sure what the novel is, even after spending three years putting it together and supporting it since last summer. Who am I to say who or what the primary audience of this book is? I am the guy who wrote it and very much an amateur in the realm of promoting it and even understanding it…for now.

Planning on reaching out to a few folks who are already published and one of those authors is local. Writing the “Hi you don’t know me but please read me” notes/e-mails are difficult…but I’m doing them damn me. I want people who are further down this road than I to offer some critiques or a chance to say, ‘uh dude don’t go any further down the road’

That won’t stop me. Although I’m not entirely sure what sort of book I’ve written, I know it’s good. I’ll take useful criticism consider it and move forward. This may sound like horse crap, but I’m even healthier than I sound these days.

Finally, Almost

Finally this blog is ready to accept purchases/donations for the novel…uh, almost

Air King

A Air KingThe government’s been re-opened less than a day and already I gotta pay a quarter for air?!  To an Air King???  Ted Cruz was right, this deal stinks.

What Kish is Not No. 1

To know what something is also means knowing what it is not.  Firstly, Kish is not a sandy bar 11 miles off the coast of Dublin.  I would it were otherwise.

No, I would not.

A New Feature

Still waiting on some possible reviews for the book.  More on that when I know more.  One of my favorite parts of writing this thing was listening to some of those records that were such a big part of my life in those days.  To celebrate then, I’ll post links to music that’s found in the story.

Killdozer doesn’t need any help from me but here’s something from 12 Point Buck